What Is One Way That Performance Planner Helps Businesses Increase Sales?

The Performance Planner is a forecasting tool that uses machine learning to reveal your Google Ads campaigns’ possibilities. With this tool, you can get monthly, quarterly and annual forecasts for your current campaigns while improving your return on investment. With a performance planner, you can identify your campaign’s expected monthly and quarterly performance. You can also get recommendations that help campaigns perform better for the same amount of spend. By planning your Google Ads budgets, you can:

  • Anticipate the potential for future expenses of the campaigns you have in your account.
  • Take advantage of seasonality to earn additional conversions.
  • Set optimal bids and budgets for all your campaigns to improve performance and your return on investment.
  • Find new opportunities to increase your conversion volumes on a constant budget.

You should know that the performance planner forecasts are updated every day. Its information is also focused on the last days and adapted according to the season and current market conditions.

Why use a Performance planner?

Performance Planner is made up of several useful features for the advertiser if he wants to obtain a maximum of conversions while remaining within his budget. Here are the main reasons that make Performance Planner a profitable tool for a Google Ads campaign.

An easy to use tool

Performance Planner is a practical and easy-to-use tool. Indeed, the use of a performance planner does not require excellent computer knowledge. Its clean and straightforward interface provides a good user experience. You can view a very easy-to-understand summary chart.

A statistics comparison table

With the Performance Planner, you also can consult a comparison table of before / after statistics. The tool proposes a segment on the boxes “Existing” and “Planned” your expenses, key statistic, and target statistic. With this presentation, you can easily judge the growth potential of your campaigns.

A “Compare” tab

The “Compare” tab is also one of the features of the Performance Planner. Through this tab, you can access a graph that provides you with a comparison between your plan projections and your existing parameters and past performance during the same period. Easy to understand and pleasant to read, this “Compare” tab makes it easy to see a campaign’s expenses and their impact on revenues.

How does a performance planner work?

Performance Planner uses auction data, seasonality trends, and other signals to show how changes to your campaigns might affect performance. This takes the guesswork out of planning while saving you time.

Forecast campaign performance

See how adjusting your budget or campaign settings may impact performance metrics like clicks, conversions, and cost-per-action.

• Explore suggestions based on your business

Review relevant suggestions that can help you meet your business goals. For example, add keywords to your forecast to see the potential impact they may have when added to your campaign.

• Plan your budget more effectively

Create a plan to help determine the right budget for your campaigns so that you can achieve your business goals.

What Is One Way That Performance Planner Helps Businesses Increase Sales?

Performance Planner determines the optimal bids and average daily budget allocations across all of your campaigns to increase the number of conversions you can achieve for any future spend scenario.

It uses the following process:

  1. Performance Planner will generate a forecast of what your campaigns will achieve for a future period if you make no changes to your current campaigns.
  2. Using Google’s seasonality data and insights, Performance Planner will predict the results if you use optimal bids and average daily budgets across your campaigns to maximize the number of conversions for any future spends scenario.
  3. When you choose a spend point on the blue line, Performance Planner will improve your ROI by reallocating spend between campaigns through adjusting bids and average daily budgets.

A performance planner gives you useful sales aids. Indeed, by consulting your company’s performance forecasts, you will have the chance to optimize your digital strategy. You will also get tips and suggestions to improve the performance of your campaigns. And this with the same level of expenses. It also helps you discover the impact of changes you make to your campaign settings. It offers reliable recommendations thanks to machine learning.

Creating a successful plan

As you start planning, here are a few additional things to keep in mind:

Plan across accounts. If you have multiple accounts you can add campaigns from each into your plan. The Performance Planner is as flexible as your account structure can be.

Your campaigns and accounts in each plan should have similar goals. Your plan won’t make a ton of sense if you’re basing things around a CPA goal only shared by some of your campaigns. With different goals, your account(s) use different plans.

Not all campaigns are eligible to be planned. Campaigns need to have enough history. Also, Performance Planner works with Search campaigns using certain bid strategies: manual CPC, maximize clicks, enhanced CPC or Target CPA.

Timing affects accuracy. The closer you are to your forecast period, the more accurate the plan is. If you’re forecasting out into the distant future, there’s a chance that some variables will change between now and then.

Forecasts are directional, not guarantees. They’re based on auction data, seasonality and recent history from your campaigns.

You can manually set a conversion rate if you’d like (or if you don’t have enough conversion history). If you do that, be realistic. Too aggressive and you’re likely to miss your lofty goal, too conservative and you might lose out on lots of profitable traffic.


Performance Planner is an effective way to distribute your budget well in the campaigns on the Research Network. However, the results provided by this Google Ads tool do not always guarantee optimal savings on your budget. Performance Planner may show a higher investment than a return on investment.

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Remi. Folohunso

Remi. Folohunso

I am the type of writer that enjoys what he does and writes stories that are compelling for the reader. My experience ranges from romance, paranormal and action

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